Parenting Views

Being a parent is the most important job that I have been given. It is my goal to guide my children to be honest, caring, confident, responsible, independent and loving individuals. It is important to nurture and encourage a sense of fun, adventure and discovery. While we share similar values and beliefs as a family, each of us may have different interests and we need to respect those differences. I hope to introduce my children to a range of interests like science, history, nature, music, sports, arts, etc. so they have the opportunity to discover their talents and passions. They will always have my encouragement in education and other pursuits.

At our Karate school they teach core values based on the acronym “C.A.R.R.D.” which stands for “control” (we are in control of ourselves and our actions), “attitude” (we are responsible for our own attitudes to be positive or negative), “respect” (we need to respect others and ourselves), “responsibility” (we are responsible for all of our choices and actions), and “discipline” (we need to be in control of ourselves and discipline ourselves to do our best in all that we do). I believe in and strive to help teach my children these values.

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