Open Adoption

I want to share with you that I have an open adoption with my sonís birthmother. I share pictures, cards, and information on the boyís activities throughout the year with her. I am willing to have a similar situation should you choose us for your child's adoptive family. We respect that your needs maybe different and we are open to the level of contact you desire. We also respect that you will always be an important part of your childís life: past, present, and future. Without you, she would not have had the opportunity to have life or reach the full potential of Godís plan for her life. We are open to a child from any racial background. My sons are bi-racial. Ethan is Asian/Caucasian and Andrew is African American/Caucasian. We are proud to say that we are a multicultural family, who celebrates and embraces the various backgrounds we come from, respecting our similarities and differences.

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