Our Home and Community

We have lived in our current home for six years. It is a five bedroom split-level with a large back yard. There is still plenty of room for more family to join us. The boys have a playset which is often the central gathering place of the neighborhood kids. There is often a group of children playing together sun, snow or rain. Though we live in a residential area, a wet land is located across the street from us. We often see various types of wildlife: dear, geese, ducks, wild turkeys, pheasants, and frogs just to name a few. There are also several parks just a few blocks away from us, including walking / biking trails that can be reached by a short bike ride.

We live in a wonderful school district. The elementary and middle school is less than 2 miles from our home. The school district has very high standards / expectations for the children and is ranked one of the top in our state. There are also various shopping and entertainment establishments within a few minutes from the home. The children’s doctor is about a 15 minute drive.

Both boys are involved with various sports through the Parks and Rec. department, the local Cub Scouts Pack, and other activities through their school. The local community center, which hosts an indoor waterpark, is also only a short drive from our home. The Karate studio we attend is only a mile from our home. It is so nice to live in such a good community and we are grateful for the opportunities we have.

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