Our Faith

I was raised in a Christian family where faith was a very important part of our everyday life. I depend on it daily to see me through anything life hands to me. I strongly believe that there is a reason for everything and though I may not understand “why” something happens when it happens, I know that someday God’s plans will be made clear to me. God has greatly blessed us and continues to provide us with whatever we need. I love our church which we attend regularly, enjoying the close relationships we have formed. Our church is close to my parent’s home, so we spend most Sunday afternoons after church at Grandma and Grandpa’s enjoying the Sunday paper, together time, and a wonderful meal as a family cooked by Grandma (which always makes it taste better). My close friend, LuAnn and I also help coordinate the Adoption Network group at our church which is made up of about 15 families with adopted children from various backgrounds. We coordinate various activities for the children and encourage adult fellowship.

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