Dear Birthparent

We are so happy you have taken time to read our letter. The decision you are making is something most people will never have to face. We honor and respect you for doing so. First, we would like to thank you for choosing life for your child and choosing a family to fulfill the dreams you have for her. Adoption is an incredible gift that has already touched our lives. We have been blessed through the open adoption of my boys, Ethan and Andrew, who share the same birthmother. We would love the opportunity to embrace another child, a daughter / sister, into our family through an open adoption.

If you are searching for a loving, secure, and nurturing family for your child, please know that we are a close family and will do everything we can to provide this kind of home for your child. We have been praying and dreaming for another child to join our family. The boys are very excited about the prospect of helping to care for, play with, protect, and of course give brotherly advice to a new sister. I would also love to be able to become a mom again. We have so much to give.

Even though we have never met, you are and will always be very special to us. Words are inadequate to express how thankful and honored we are that you would consider our family to adopt your child. We will never understand how you feel, but we can promise that we will love and cherish your child for the rest of our lives.

You are in our prayers,

Joy, Ethan, and Andrew

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